Patient Reviews

Outstanding Service

“I would like to personally thank Allen Orthodontics for exceptional service. The staff was very friendly and greeted us as we entered the building. We received prompt service and I must add that the facility was clean... very clean. I would definitely recommend Allen Orthodontics.” – Dymyn-Alexis

Great Experience

“Everyone at Allen Orthodontics is extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. Allen is an excellent orthodontist who is actively engaged in the course of treatment and is an effective communicator. My daughter's treatment is progressing well. The location is convenient and our appointments allow us to get in and out quickly. We are pleased with how things are progressing, and we have friends whose treatment with Dr. Allen had beautiful results.” – Alanna B.

Great experience, and customer service in El Paso is known for terrible customer service

“Great staff that explains everything well and very professional. Friendly staff that seem to actually enjoy what they are doing and enjoy helping the patient. Great experience so far.” – Silem G.

Friendly and Professional

“My daughter has had her braces on for ten months now. Every visit has been friendly and enjoyable. The staff are professional, it's very clean, and I am pleased with my daughter’s progress. I know they are working to correct her teeth as quickly as possible and with the least amount of pain. They really know what they are doing and are very experienced. I would highly recommend them.” – Taylie O.

Great first visit!

“My daughter was seen for the first time as a consult to determine the need for orthodontic treatments in the future. We were very happy with the service from the front desk all the way to Dr. Allen! I truly appreciated Dr. Allen's honest assessment and recommendations. We will definitely be coming back!” – Parul


“The staff at Dr. Allen's practice was so welcoming and willing to provide the best service to parent and child. My children have never been so excited about a dental appointment like they were after seeing Dr. Allen and his staff. Thank you!” – Maya

Braces at Nine and Loving It

“I would, and have, highly recommend Dr. Allen and his staff for any orthodontic needs you or someone you know may need. He has been absolutely wonderful. My daughter is one of his youngest patients to receive braces and has done remarkably well, especially since she was only nine when she first got braces and headgear. She was encouraged and supported the whole way through this phase of her treatment and is excited about the next. How many kids love to go to the orthodontist?? I also appreciate the flexibility in the payment plans which is what made it possible for me to do this for my daughter. Thank you so much, Dr. Allen and staff!” – Madalyn

Best Orthodontist in El Paso

“Dr. Allen is truly the best orthodontist I have ever met. He is very friendly and professional which makes the visit more pleasant. And the staff—they are GREAT! Friendly and professional and really go out of their way to make your visit special.” – Anonymous


Very friendly and professional staff and doctor! Doctor answered all my questions and gave me choices in treatment. Definitely recommend! Office manager very professional, answered all questions, and even gave recommendations for my daughter. I am extremely happy with this office.” – Angelica

Great Choice for Orthodontic Treatment

“Friendly staff. Knowledgeable and helpful. Office is run pretty smoothly, courteous staff, and professional. All financial process and treatment explained thoroughly. No long waits for appointments. You can feel at home here! It is everything you should expect from any office providing treatment—for once I am impressed.” – Nancy

I’m done!

“I got my braces off recently, so my last appointment was just to review how my retainer was fitting and to take X-rays of my teeth. I thought this appointment went just as well as all of my other ones. I always get personalized attention when I go in for an appointment and I always leave with a smile on my face. I'm a little sad that I won't be going in there as often as I used to anymore, but I'm definitely happy to have my braces off!” – Isla P.

Full Service

I say full service because nothing is done half way. Everyone in the office goes above and beyond to make you feel welcomed and appreciated.” – Kristen M.

Dr. Allen & Staff

“Dr. Allen and his staff from the first face I saw to the last was absolutely amazing... so friendly and so sweet. Almost every assistant there introduced themselves to me without working on me. I was very pleased and have thus far recommended Dr. Allen to anyone and everyone interested.” – Amanda

Best in El Paso and New Mexico

“The treatment and service are the best. You cannot find an orthodontist who will provide a faster treatment or provide a better end result.” – Jesse G.

Professionalism at its Best

“Each person I came in contact with was patient, professional, and very thorough. Dr. Allen was awesome! I overcame my fears after his explanation about the procedure. The availability of appointments is great. No excessively long wait period before being seen when you arrive. I would highly recommend Dr. Allen to anyone in need of orthodontics.” – Ejeama

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